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Awesome !! thanks for sharing this tutorial, simple and efficient ! I had (and still have) a hard time understanding sls (I never took the time to) and this tutorial just saved me a ton of time, again thanks so much.

2 notes, about the yaml file:
1) You set the stage at 'dev' but don't use it as a basepath in your testing.
2) The runtime parameter of nodejs6.10 is no longer supported for creating or updating AWS Lambda functions. We recommend you use the new runtime (nodejs12.x).

3 suggestions, add an sls install link/howto at the beginning and sls config credentials link/howto before deploy, and last, how to secure this newly routes?

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I would recommend you to take course in cs50 by Harvard and it's free course. This will help you to understand basic framework and develop your skills and understanding of computers as this will help to make optimised apps for the relevant platform.

Kotlin and swift are now required to built apps but it also depends on the type of app you want to built. If you have Python skills it would help you in projects which require extensive data management or machine learning this programming language is must aswell.

Hope this will help you and If you need any guidance further, you could reach me on Twitter @abdullahsalim01

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Consider this code fragment:

api = allapis[i].find_all("td")

If an exception is thrown during find_all() the api variable is set to None. Therefore, in the subsequent try, Python will attempt to dereference None and the outcome of that should be obvious.

Use of range() to manage the for loop is fine in the sense that it will work. However, it's potentially inefficient and certainly unnecessary. How about:

for current_api in allapis:
api = current_api.find_all("td")


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i must be a retarded amercan bc i went all in after watching my portfolio lose 75 percent of its value. now its closer to 2.5x in profit from where i started this year. those who truly believed in cryptocurrency are doing very well and were looking forward to any big sell offs and these opportunities are rare and quite possibly could be the last time we see cryptos that low. all i know is that the true believers bought more and knew that eventually, even if it was five to ten years later,crypto would recover and would be MUCH higher.

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Maybe his intent wasn't to show the most beautiful python code ever but rather, what you can do via those public APIs? Jeez, the hatred

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i love this story. feeling inspired!

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How would you train with your own data?

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You can easily generate a payment proof on Monero too which is used to verify an individual payment. The payment proof is generated by the transaction sender and it would reveal the destination and amount of one single transaction on the Monero blockchain. Since you included this for Zcash, I suggest you add it to Monero too.

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Divide the problem. 'It’s very hard to solve one big problem...that’s why dividing the problem into small parts is so important.' Basically, you try decomposing any problem before attempting it. Great tip!.

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Some of the worst Python code I've ever seen in the public domain. You should be embarrassed

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Very nice! I see some points in there I’ll have to incorporate into my PR routine. Thanks for the article. I will be sharing this with my co-workers 👀. No tea, no shade.

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Oops, i stopped to read when i read "quora ads" and "specify a daily budget". Now that I read it fully, I admit that your method is very good, I wish I read it in fully from the beginning, and not only now

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What a Boilerplate . What about rust and go?

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I agree with the author that there are pricing policy changes as well. Since the pandemic outbreak, we have seen some new pricing models and remote working SaaS tools on the rise. More on SaaS trends is here:

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How to assure that your idea would not be stolen?
(Specifically for tech startups)

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updated covid death rate up to 3%

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Thank you for sharing your story about how you made up your mind to make a big change in your life, follow your dreams and travel. I enjoy traveling too and I'm fortunate that my work allows me many opportunities to travel. But I am also thinking of a way to transition out of my current line of work to try a different approach that will have truly meaningful results for other people.
I enjoy journaling but haven't done much this year so I have signed up for the app, looking forward to trying it out.

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Love it, I've been doing a lot of research on crypto APIs lately too. Your article is helpful for me. Actually, I created some tutorials that show people how to get API data from various exchanges into Google Sheets, for example, coinmarketcap to google sheets, binance to google sheets, and coinapi to google sheets.

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The launch of the new Cobo Vault has also been covered here:

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Hi , I have been very useful your article.

How do you log in with EMAIL instead of USERNAME?
like at ?


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In typical programmer fashion, I'm focused on the literal meaning of things...

Strangly, I know a large number of single mother Cobol programmers who use post-Cobol-85 semantics ;-)

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Great succinct article. But i think the analogy of lifting a 2000kg car in 20kg 100 parts would be incongruent since the integrity of the "Car" is ,prety much ,compromised . Imagine how in real life one would accomplish that. The challenge would be to put back together those 100 car parts after lifting it . It seems to defeat the whole idea of problem solving

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Try Cloak coin is scalable confidential and auditable ! Cloak is better than Beam, Monero, Zcash.... Try it 😉

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Why don't you advise what can be re-writen in this code? It would be useful both for the article author and for beginners who read this.

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There are still too many people showing up at the hospital after a month of social distancing. These people need to be interviewed to determine how they are still getting infected. We need to test all nursing home residents and workers because a large percentage of deaths are occurring in the nursing homes.

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Great article sir. I love your writing.

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You missed NativeScript! By far better than some on your list.

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If you need a mobile application to fulfill the diverse requirements of your targeted customers from various business verticals, then Quytech is a perfect destination. With more than a decade of expertise and experience in this field, we promise to deliver feature-rich and scalable mobile app to reach unprecedented heights.

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You need to %cd into the "ParlAI-master" directory. I also made this error at first.

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There would have been links for the problems with detailed description

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Hello, Tiara!

It's a really import article. Congratulations. Clear and quality content.

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Very helpful. Cuts through the layers most frameworks put in my way trying get my hands around this flow.

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Nice article ! Ask the right questions and deliver results

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You can never take seriously any such survey/report conducted by or using the research of one of the companies featured in the article - the optics of this look terrible, and it can never be truly objective - at best it will put a slant on features that company is strong on, at worst it will outright lie.

Appreciate the feature per se, but understand it can only ever be an opening basis for research and discussion to perhaps bring more obscure companies into play.

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When extracting the In the world-indices extract into Excel, I get a 27 duplicates of each line.

Also, I fail to understand the "counter = 40" line as well as the line "for i in range(40, 404, 14)"

"counter = 40" seems to be redundant/not needed.
"for i in range(40, 404, 14)" seems to be overly complicated. Since we are trying to extract data for 35 indices, wouldn't it be better to use "while i < 35:"

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Amazing! Was very didactic

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"Asking some of the brightest Neuropsychologists and Data Scientists to work on some of the most secure and safe software."
Could you specify to which software you are referring? I don't think of mobile apps as fitting that description, generally. Very interesting article. I think we are at the beginning of a revolution in treating physical and mental/emotional maladies remotely via apps. One of the difficulties, aside from security, is SAaaS - assuring accurate self-assessment is challenging even in face-to-face sessions.

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I'm not very informed on Security, and I've never used websocket, so this may be a dumb question but. Can this site see a running jupyter notebook (usually on port 8888~8899)?

If so, I can think of a lot of dangerous information the attacker could glean from console output.

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I believe he was illustrating the six digit sets between the guard bars. But I've seen bar codes with sets of different amount of numbers.

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Good article just one question. Why FTP? The info is not stored in a database? Should't be a DB Port and a DB adapter.

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Posting videos of one's minor children is exploitation. End of.

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Why don't phones just come with camera covers?

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Pradeep Makhija you are absolute right. Google is bring heat to this platform!

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This was a great read! As someone who is looking to make a shift from the technical side, it's nice to know that I can really leverage that knowledge in a less-technically focused role.

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Very interesting! Looking forward to Part 2!
Have you considered implementing emscripten toolchain for Bazel?

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This article is pure bitcoin. 💎

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Hi there, As a complete n00b its taken me way longer than 5 minutes, but that to be expected. I have got all the way through tested ok and Ive submitted it to Amazon. No idea whether it will pass validation, but great exercise, very clear. Some of the Amazon screens and option have changed, but I was able to work round that.
I would suggest that you change this line as i almost gave up:
"Your endpoint should look like https://[username][email protected]/alexa."
It shoudl be:
"Your endpoint should look like https://[username][email protected]/alexa/"
otherwise it wont test correctly :)
Thanks again.

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This is very interesting, mixing time structure and to-do system. How would you apply this to home office?

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Its waiting for the "Killer Dapp"

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As a life long musician I have to say this is the biggest F-you to musicians. Musicians dont need this, we have theory. Non-musicians need this to further profit with the top 40. The future of actual music is dark. RIP

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So if so much lines up with a book written two thousand years ago while don’t you believe it?

Ask yourself if its possible that the book was actually only written several hundreds of years ago (or potentially even 2000 years ago) by "men" with advanced knowledge and an occult ("hidden") plan instead of directly inspired by "God."

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Hello Christopher.
It's really interesting content. I wish I had read that when I was 16. In my country (Brazil), we do not have a good motivation to study information technology during normal school, this causes future professional losses.

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Wouldn't all sensitive information that are in the front app be served to the browser anyway?

I mean for e.g "Now we’ve got a copy of this developer’s AWS Dev credentials. Quick, fire up the bitcoin miners!" This key will be shipped with the frontend app to your browser anyway. Am i missing something here? I know it can be obfuscated but it'll still be there

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People love to think that the have some sort of 'insider' knowledge that no one else is privy to. Sadly, this has been the case for millennia, but previously this insider knowledge was imparted by 'the gods', 'the goat's entrails', 'the stars', and only the chosen can divine the meanings

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Why would you create a Feathers mailer service only to block it off to external sources? Why wouldn't you just use nodemailer directly?

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Nice and useful tool.
My 2 cents: -D and -d are similar but with different (and maybe dangerous) effects.
Maybe -X or -A are better for "delete all"

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I'm a big fan of Kate Raworth's work too : in my opinion, she ought to have received the Nobel Prize for Economics long before now.

But now, as countries begin to look at the economic landscape, it seems to me that it's an ideal opportunity to put her thinking into practice.

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I think that Bitcoin it's really mature yet, there's a long way to go and most of the people don't even understand the concept and the chances that really represent. The Mining industry it's readapting by buying new equipments to be more efficient. I live in a Latin American country where inflation rates are crazy, and I can tell you for sure that the people here is buying more BTC every day in order to keep value.

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Sorry It wasn't mature the word, it was young

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This is awesome !

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Nice and highly informative image. I really enjoyed reading it. Can you suggest me a few machine learning app ideas?